4 Fun Activities To Do In Self-Isolation At Home

The world right now is a very scary, unsure and lonely place. As we all sit, day by day, waiting to hear the constant and seemingly always dooming news about what’s next to happen with COVID-19, we seem to become more and more weighed down. As the majority of us have been urged to practice self-isolation and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, boredom and loneliness seem to be inevitable as lockdown looms closer. BUT no one said it had to be boring…at Paint for Fun we have come up with 4 Fun activities to do in self-isolation at home.


1. DIY Festive Crafts

Due to all the Corona madness, it feels like Easter isn’t even around the corner. That’s why we’ve found some fun festive crafts to do with your kids, family members, partners or even just by yourself to lift up your spirits during this time and get you excited for Easter. 

Good House Keeping has created this fun little DIY craft ‘Origami Bunnies’

Origami Bunnies By Good House Keeping

They have an easy to follow folding template which shows you how to turn a piece of paper into an adorable bunny. Then all you have to do is fill it with your favorite Easter candies like jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or colorful gummies. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter origami is known for its many well-being benefits which can help you feel better during this stressful time. Download here. 

Alternatively, you could DIY ‘Bunny Party Hats’ and throw an indoors (exclusive party) for your family. The House That Lars Built showed us this cute DIY to do. All you’ll need is some paper, scissors, and glue! Check out their website for the tutorial.

Bunny Party Hats By The House That Lars Built


2. DIY Movie Cinema Night 

There are 1000’s of movies to watch, especially with amazing platforms like Netflix, Stan, and DisneyPlus and now that you have the time to sit back and enjoy it why not take it up a few notches and make it seem like you’re going to the Cinemas?! Firstly, you can DIY some fake movie tickets to get kids (sometimes even adults ha!) excited to watch the movie. If you don’t feel like getting too crafty you can easily print this template out or create your own from scratch:

DIY Movie Tickets

Simply grab some colored paper, cut into a rectangle resembling the size of an average movie ticket. Then glue a smaller white rectangle cut out onto the original colored paper and note down information regarding the movie such as time – 6 pm, location – Living room, etc. And of course, you’ll need some Popcorn boxes. You could either order some online here. Or print off a template and assemble yourself! Which you can find hereIf you’re feeling like you want to go that one step further you could order an affordable mini projector for only $69, now that would be even better than the real thing!


3. Virtual Workshop

P4F Webinar

Self-isolation can be extremely lonely, let alone boring! Not being able to interact with others and socialise can really get you down..BUT at Paint for Fun we understand what you’re going through, hence why we introduce our brand new Live Webinar Classes which have already started running. They’re just like our original concept except these classes will be broadcast LIVE online so you can stay safe and well while having fun with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. You also get to interact with many others as they tune into the class as well. We’ve also catered for our brand new beginners as we offer the choice of an additional package for a painting kit delivered straight to you (this can be found at ‘Add-on’ in ticket selection). 

With this incentive the possibilities are endless..Imagine yourself sitting back with a glass of gorgeous wine, side of nibblies and a canvas right in front of you, learning and interacting with a group of individuals in the same boat as you. Better yet, you can share this experience with your friends, creating a group within the broadcast where you can just chat with them. 

These classes are only $25, but better yet you get to redeem this once the craze settles down and we get back into normal classes. By getting involved you’re helping support a local business meaning our amazing painters can still do what they love and teach you everything you need to know! 


4. At Home Yoga Spa

Yoga is deeply known for its AMAZING well-being benefits. As it is a combination of  breathing, meditation and movement, it creates an overwhelming sense of well-being and zen. In fact, studies show yoga has a massive influence on boosting mood, reducing anxiety and increasing levels of the brain chemical GABA, which helps calm nerves, Wow.


So here is our DIY (Budget friendly) 5 star Yoga retreat from the comfort of your own home! What you’ll need: 

A Plan

To kick start your Yoga journey you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure you follow through. Being at home for an extended period of time tends to weigh you down and make you lazy, hence why a plan is required. At the end of this blog there is a link to an easy template to print off or take inspiration from and create your own. By using this you can organise what type of yoga you’ll be doing each day and at what time. We know what it’s like to feel like you’re drowning in obligations. Whether you’re a mother, student or working from home, so by doing this you ensure you’re taking at least 30 minutes for your well-being. 

Location and time

Being stuck at home can be crazy, especially if you have children or loud family members..(I know I have a few HA!). That’s why it’s important to find a quiet place whether it’s inside during the morning or in your backyard, your yoga space has to make you feel relaxed.


Now that we’re on a budget you don’t need a flashy state of the arts yoga mat to achieve the same results. You can get an affordable right here or just use a long towel! Yoga blocks can be tricky to find and depending on the quality, expensive. If you have a few books laying around we would suggest to simply stack them up like the below: 



As a beginner Yoga can seem super complex and confusing but lucky we live in age that there are free Yoga tutorials on youtube, Here are some of our favourites:

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga To Release Stress and Anxiety 

Yoga for Weight Loss


Lastly, journaling is an awesome way to reflect and help bring back gratitude into our lives, especially at times like these. These reflections can be so powerful they take you away from all the nonsense as you immerse yourself into your writing. You can go as deep or shallow as you want. Here is a simple template to start with. 


With this we hope you stay safe and well and complete these activities. They really do boost your happiness, well-being, and we promised you won’t feel bored acting them out!



If you are really struggling with stress and anxiety following the trauma from recent events please seek professional help appropriate to you here.  

Link to Weekly Yoga Planner Template: https://www.canva.com/design/DAD270JqFEE/JWhI2bR-M1c-6atIa7-9Dg/view?utm_content=DAD270JqFEE&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton


Featured image credits (In order of appearance): Good House Keeping The House That Lars Built Share Video Trend Stretch Now Move Nourish Believe