5 Creative FB Groups to Get Your Arty Juicy Flowing

By Revi Carmel – Director and Leading Artist at Paint for Fun

What was life like before Facebook? I think that toady with all the information and variety we can get a bit overwhelmed, however, if we use social media to our advantage we can, in the comfort of our own house and time, to get exploring and creative. No more excuses right?

So I have decided to gather the best Art and creative groups in Facebook that I use myself for inspiration every day and a bit about them.

  1. Willowing– Created by an English artist called Tamara Laporte. Her paintings and sketching are stylists, innocent and colourful. She also created the “Life Book” Art Courses online and you can purchase an actual book (who got raving reviews on Amazon) which is a mix media art projects for expanding creativity and encouraging personal growth. Sounds delicious indeed.

      She founded a group called “Willowing & Friends”to share the Book of Life’s artworks and inspiration.

2.Sketchbook Revival– Do you know what is a sketchbook and how it can encourage creativity and massive change in your artistic journey? Well, if this sounds something you will like to look more into, you can get inspirations, tips, meet new artistic friends and ask as many questions as you like!

This is a virtual community for participants and session guides of the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop: Expert guidance to start, maintain, and grow the sketchbook practice for you.

3. Art Journaling For Beginners-The about’s group says it all :“Your search is over. Your tribe is HERE! This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY & safe place for new art journalese and AJFB mentors to share, encourage & inspire.

They offer mentoring for beginners and you can become a mentor as well to help other in the group. How awesome is this? You can also go to their website where you can find daily challenges and tips to start your journal.

4.Watercolour Tribe– You probably know by now I’m bit obsessed with watercolour lately so this group is so great if you want to get inspired and try new skills in watercolour.

I must admit, some of the artworks are ridiculously good and one can feel a bit out of league but I really think its the way to learn from the best and get inspired to practice in getting better. The members are super supportive so you can be sure they will give you good and constructive feedback with a lot of encouragement,  we cannot ask for more!

5.THE AUSTRALIAN ART MOVEMENT – Want to start getting into local art, understand and know some amazing artists from your backyard? This is the place to feel proud for Aussie art movement! You can get updates from interesting art exhibitions, galleries, whats on. art fairs and maybe start your private art collection?

Basically this is a closed group for galleries and artists because they want to keep it Australian but if you have attended one of Paint for Fun’s classes you are a kick-ass artist and I’ll vouch for it!

Check out the eventson the page to get information of where to visit next! You’re welcome 🙂

I hope you find this list helpful and if you have any more awesome creative groups you’re a part of on FB please comment below and I can add this to the list.

All for one and one for all in our creative path. One thing we can be sure of – bored we will not get..