Painting, relaxing, making friends

What is Paint for Fun?

  • Painting for fun
  • Painting for fun
  • Painting for fun

Paint for Fun is a relaxed environment where you can eat, drink and socialise while you watch your inner creativeness unfold. Learn to paint alongside professional artist creating step-by-step your own artwork you’ll love.

No experience needed, you just need to love trying something new. At Paint for Fun we believe that everyone has an artist within them waiting to be discovered! We use acrylic paints and provide everything you will need - just show up with your friends or be ready to make new friends and have fun!

We hold 7-9 events a month in 4-6 locations (such as Malvern East, Doncaster, Williamstown, Richmond, Carlton and St. Kilda)

Events last approximately two hours, at the end of which you take home your own unique piece of art -- you will be amazed at what you can do! Please arrive at 6:45pm for events beginning at 7:00pm to be sure to have plenty of time to find a space and to order a drink and grab a bite to eat.

Meet the Team

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Revi (Revital)

35, Born and raised in Israel, mother for 1 baby girl.

Came to Australia 6 years ago with big dreams and tones of motivation.

Studied Stage and Costume design in Israel and London, Yet found her passion in art teaching for children and adults.

Hosting workshops and classes for over 10 years now.

Founder and Director of LuvArt Pty Ltd (trading as “Paint for Fun”)

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26, born in Brisbane

Chloe is a theatre maker, crafter and community leader.

With a degree in applied theatre and a passion for festivals, Chloe has spent time stage managing, set designing, festival coordinating and band managing.

A crafter and maker, Chloe founded Gunnbelievable, to teach craft workshops using recycled materials, promoting sustainability and reducing household waste.

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Michal has a bachelor degree of education and fine art, currently studying for her master degree in fine art.

She’s an art teacher, a contemporary active exhibiting artist, a pastry chef and a DIY enthusiastic. Her artwork explores the relationship between the world of handicraft and the world of art, both of which are a part of her.

As an artist she uses a variety of mediums: painting, drawing, sculpting and more. She’s a multi disciplinary person- therefor she loves to teach and be taught on the same time, curiosity is what drives her.

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36, Born in the UK, came to Melbourne when he was 4.

Studied engineering and computer science.

Our “behind the scene” guy - Helping us when we are freaking out with numbers and technical solutions. You can call him “Zen”.

In charge of the logistic side of things (and sometimes helping his partner, Revi, to pack up cause he his such a nice guy).

Started painting first time ever at Paint for Fun in Carlton and hasn’t stopped since then!

Founder and Director of LuvArt Pty Ltd (trading as “Paint for Fun”)