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The Dya Art of Creative Thinking Model challenges automatic-thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression. Modern life is undergoing a period of rapid change which challenges us to observe and adapt to its ever-changing landscape. With this in mind, we have created experiential and immersive workshops that inspire participants to discover and observe through invention and original creation. Paint for Fun by Dya Australia is a young and electrifying sister company that’s on a mission to make art accessible, open and fun for all. Running public events, Hen’s and family celebrations. Read more about Dya’s The Art of Creative Model here

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Paint for Fun believes that everyone has an inner artist that’s dying to burst out!
We’re here to inspire you to be more creative, find joy in your life and become more playful.
Art helps you relax, bring positive thoughts to your mind and let go of perfection.

Drink, paint and have heaps of fun at our beginners friendly painting classes.
Walk in with no prior painting experience and go home with an amazing piece of art you can be proud of!

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