Balancing Woman Act: How to Promote Self Care and Why

Females wear many hats—friend, sister, career woman, wife, mother, aunty, confidant, matriarch—the list goes on.



But in a time where there is constant hustle in any or all aspects of a woman’s life, it is imperative that she take a time out from the daily grind and do something for herself. After all, ones own self care is just as important as caring for those around you.

It is incredibly easy to get swept into a routine of putting others above yourself, but here at Paint For Fun, we believe in bringing the power back to you—the best friends, the partners in crime, the caregivers—and giving you the opportunity to detach from routine and harness in on your creative flow.

More than just a release, being aware and proactive in unleashing your creativity can not only enhance other aspects of your life, but it can also predict a longer lifespan.


This article, amongst others, states that “researchers have found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased morality risk. One possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety or neural networks within the brain.”

Creating art can not only decrease negative emotion, but also is seen to help reduce stress and anxiety. But that’s not all—creativity can also help you with becoming a better problem solver and developing your confidence. And the best part of it all? You can do it for next to nothing!

Creativity comes in all forms, shapes and sizes: the beauty of it is that there isn’t one set way to be creative.


Building a herb garden? Creative. Colouring in? Creative. Cooking a new recipe for the first time? Creative. Learning a dance routine? Creative. And they are only a few of the multitudes of ways that we, as women, can express our creativity.

At the heart of it all, it’s about making time for yourself—allowing yourself to have breaks in amongst the chaos of “ordinary life” and doing something for yourself, with yourself.

But what if I don’t have anything readily available for me to unleash my creativity? I can hear you asking. Well, if you keep an emergency art kit at your desk, in your bedside drawer or somewhere around your house, you won’t ever have to stress about not knowing where to begin! Even just beginning with some paper and pencils and seeing where the magic happens from there.

Sometimes it’s a bit of fun with somebody else too! Perhaps you and your partner want to share in an experience together?

Much like the independent benefits of being creative, there are significant benefits for partners that engage in creativity together—the sort of creativity that can take many forms, even playing board games.



As found in this article, couples that play board games or take a painting class together release oxytocin—or what can be casually described as the “hugging hormone”. Through the studies taken, it was found that something as simple as playing a board game with your other half created more conversation and interaction, releasing that oxytocin which is associated with bonding and cohesiveness.


Don’t know where to start but wanting to? Join us for one of our many classes and get those creative juices flowing. There is absolutely no experience required—only a positive attitude and a smile. Remember, self care comes in many forms and we are here to help you with yours.