Colour My World- An Interview With Honie

Meet one of our class faves: Honie Head

Hey Honie! Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’d describe myself as a craft-loving person. Generally, I do scrapbooking, but I like to challenge myself in all areas, learning new techniques and crafts. I’ll try my hand at anything that takes my fancy, really! I’m also a single mum to two amazing, creative daughters.

What have you painted with us so far?

To date I’ve had a crack at the Cherry Blossom, Abstract, November rain, Birdge By Moonlight and Nude classes! Sometimes with Revi, sometimes with Chloe.

What made you come to your first class?

I can’t paint (or, so I thought), so I wanted to learn from real artists, but have fun and not stress at the same time. Also, painting’s a great activity to do with my kids and friends: it’s not expensive, and it’s a lovely shared memory.

What’s your favourite painting so far?

Wow, it’s hard to choose! I really enjoyed painting the Nudeand Bridge by Moonlight. I was super happy with how they turned out. I was really surprised with the abstract one. I thought I would be bad as there were no “rules” but it turned out pretty well, and it’s also become one of my faves.

Any advice for people who’ve never painted before?

Just go for it. Don’t stress, just relax and have fun. When you look around at the end, everyone has done something different. For instance, when I took my friend who hadn’t painted since school (which was a long time ago, just quietly), she loved the class and was totally happy with what she produced.

Where do you put your new masterpieces?

Well, at the moment I have a rental, but when I move to my own place, they’re definitely going on the walls.

Tell us something interesting that’s happened during one of our classes

I’m fascinated by how everyone is painting the same piece, but they all turn out looking so different. I love walking around and seeing what others have done. It’s lovely making new friends and then seeing them again at another class.