Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace More Fun to Stare at All Day

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How much time you actually spend in the office? 

Ok so here’s the bed news- the only thing we do more then work is sleep! We also work more then we: spend time with family, eat, going out, exercise, cooking, cleaning and nurturing our romantic relationship. 

Need some numbers? Of course you do, we love numbers 🙂
  • 1/3 of your life will be spent at work.
  • That’s 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime.
  • The average Australian spends over 100 hours commuting.
  • By the age of 30, most people will have had 7 or 8 jobs.

Don’t like numbers? How about Jellybeans? Oh ya, your life in jellybeans 

Does your work-space make you feel inspired?
As we established the fact that we spend a lot of time in the workplace, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun, colourful and a reflection of who we are! 

When you feel good in your environment you tend to be more productive, focussed and happy.  These are not just slogans, think about it! When you wear a colour that reflects how you feel, when you get yourself a new artwork to put in the bedroom, when you sit in a beautiful cafe with great works on the walls and a lot of patterns around you – you feel better! You will want to come back to that place, wear that outfit or stare at your artwork before you go to sleep even night.

Colours, Pattern, Photos, Painting, Plants- they make us feel inspired and at ease. When you feel comfortable in your space, you tend to want to be there more!

Also, pleasant spaces can reduce stress, encourage creativity and problem solving and will get that small talk flowing! Co-workers will ask you where you got that beautiful painting: “You made it?! No way, that’s amazing”. You see? Great outcomes all around.  

So how will one decorate their cubicle or desk you ask?
Obviously, I don’t mean you should haul in a chaise or hang a chandelier (unless you work in a palace, in which case, congrats!). I’m talking about finding small, creative ways to make your work space feel more personal.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Planets- they give us oxygen and life and also brining some nature to a florescent, un-natural light environment. 
  • Frames and pictures- happy, colourful frames to capture what you love the most- the people, the places, your pets and more! Heart warming memories to uplift your spirit when you need it. 
  • Painting or Home-Made craft- it can be abstract or realistic, crochet, a little sculpture, pom poms.. Whatever!  Make your own artwork can be easy (well, we built a whole business around that, haha) and will capture who you are! Something to look at fondly throughout the day to remind you what a fun person you can be outside those office walls 😉
  • Vision Board- check out our vision board blog, where we break down the process of creating something to look at and to send a message to the universe about what you would like to achieve. Put your ideal life in a visual matter (the best way) in order to remember what are your goals- personal and career wise.


  • Fun Calendar or To-do Board– get big colourful calendar that will make you giggle every-time you write a task. Whatever you fancy- sparkles, giraffes, kitten, motivational quotes..
But what about getting into your creative juices at work?

You know that craving feeling,  tingling your fingertips to doodle during a meeting or over the phone? What about when you need to think really hard and can’t concentrate while staring at co-workers seem to be so productive? Our suggestion? Get yourself a doodling kit and put it in your “emergency” drawer. Whenever you feel like you need a mental break just get it out and start scribbling.

You think your boss won’t like it? You can always explain that you think better this way and also tell them the next few facts:
  • Stress relief- Drawing out emotions helps because it allows you to release the negative stress, and boost productivity, and memory.
  • Helps you concentrate- That stimulation actually support concentration, preventing your brain from turning to those fuel-burning daydreams for action. 
  • Releases good hormones- Produces positive brain chemistry like Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.
And here some more! Press the doodle to read about the benefits doodling has..

Here’s a thought! Why wont get a nice gift to the office, have a big doodling pack for the team to use when they just need to zoom out for a bit, place it in a special corner under a window or in the coffee break area.

We recommend to start with:

  • Markers
  • Pencils 
  • Oil pastels
  • A few plain paper notebooks
  • An adult colouring book (if drawing from memory freaks you out)

Head to your local art store, or $2 shop for the cheaper option and they can help you get the best things that aren’t messy, last for years and don’t take up too much space.  Just remember- creativity and playing around is not children only! The fact that we are adults doesn’t mean we need to consistently be “switched on” like a robot. Work can be stressful and overwhelming but we believe that these tips can help you transform your workplace and your environment into a fun, creative and relaxing one.  Join us to one of our evening classes in the Melbourne area to paint and learn new skills, plus you can hang your finish artwork in the office. Or better yet- organise a team building for your workplace! We can come to your office and pop up a painting class in that big, serious meeting room! Everyone will have a blast and discover they enjoy creativity and can paint.

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