Episode 3: Brushes


Join Alison today and get to know which brushes to get started with your painting!

A brush is made out of the handle, ferrule (this holds the bristles to the handle), belly of the brush, and the point/tip of the brush. We will be painting a gorgeous sunflower along with Alison.

There are 4 brushes that Alison will be using in today’s tutorial: the round brush, dagger brush, filbert brush, and stippler brush.

1. Round Brush

Start with the very tip of the brush, and apply a slight pressure on to the belly of the brush to make the sunflower petals.

2. Stippler Brush

Get a bit of paint and start dabbing in the centre of the flower. Add other colours or gradients into the mix if you wish! You can see that it gives a “fluffy” look. 

3. Dagger Brush

This is Alison’s favourite. It’s an angled brush and it’s great at creating nice, fine lines through the tip and also creating beautiful leaf shapes. 

Tip: start lightly from the tip, apply more pressure on the belly of the brush, then back end the stem with a light tip. 

An easy way to paint a leaf is to start from the tip, flatten, then lift it to a fine tip.

4. Filbert Brush

Drag some paint out and fill the whole paintbrush so you can get more painting time. Start by flattening the brush and lifting it to create a round petal. Then dab a bit of white to create a gorgeous gradient to fill the flower.

Experiment with water to create more flow and using different colours, or even going in the opposite direction in your painting

Also, Alison loves the filbert brush because it can create pretty trees by simply dabbing paint  (on the flat side) on to the canvas.

As a finishing touch, Alison used the dagger brush to create a cute ribbon! How cool is this!

Grab a jug of water and your acrylic paints and let’s start creating!

Want to learn more about painting this beautiful flower set? Come along and join us at Paint For Fun!