Everyday You Can Learn Something New

Hello my dear Melbourne people! I have just came back from my home country Israel, still jet-legging but had to share the most wonderful creative experience I had while visiting there.

In my 37 years I’ve been learning so much on pretty much every creative path I could, spiritually, mentally and technically. And yet I’m always amazed of how I can still learn more and more, expending my knowledge and getting new ways to inspire others in return.

I have been following this page for a while now and Im was very astonished how adults and children can come up with such perfect and accurate results. I knew this person, Maya, is teaching a technique in Papier- Mache’ I didn’t know of. 

The way I’ve learned and practice Papier Mache’ (paper that has been mixed with glue or paste so that it can be molded into sculptures or anything actually) is to work on something solid as a base, like a plate, plastic mask, clay etc. and then cover it with the paper mix, peel it when dry, so my creation is hollow. 

In Maya’s method, we build the sculpture from newspaper, piece by piece, using duck tape as well to create the shape and only then we started applying the paper mix itself. 

Meet Maya

Its a long process but in the end the sculpture is more solid and accurate and its fabulous to see how people can take this simple method and create amazing things from only newspaper!

I came for only 3 sessions so I had to finish painting my cow at home. Maya was really encouraging and welcoming. She understood that I cant attend for longer so I made this cow in only three sessions. 

And as I tell my clients over and over again- stop being hard on your self and look for perfection, I had to practice this myself and remember this is the first stage in learning a new technique and I have to love what I’ve done as this is a part of me and my creativity.

And I do love my little cow! In the class Maya taught us how to build the structure and actually transform a picture, which is a 2D art into a 3D art form. It was definitely a challenge after spending the last few years mainly painting. It took me around 4 hours to sculpture the cow. 

Then Maya taught us how to make the Papier mache’ mix. Yet again I was surprised of the use of toilet paper. Toilet paper, unlike shredded news papers that I usually use, is very fine and white, it can shape into the smallest details and fine finishes. We used mixtures of PVA glue and wallpaper glue, water and mixed it up with our hands.

There’s nothing like messy play to get me all jiggly up inside with excitement! 

I started applying the mix and stretching, petting, smoothing and so on until I had it all covered. It took me another 6 hours to apply it all. I’ve finished my cow with the details of the nose, eyes, horns, ears and tail by applying small little pieces..

I am not a patient person and details are always my worse nightmares but I managed to give it another 1.5 hours to make sure my cow is as perfect as possible!

I took photos of other’s creations as well- people have been coming to Maya’s home/workshop for years and create amazing sculptures so the space is full of ideas and inspirations. Check out this huge Flamingo! 

I had the best time and can’t wait to create more sculptures. My daughter already has a request for a pony! I gave the cow to my brother and his wife for their new born. I always loved a handmade gift then buying something already made by someone else. I’ve invested more then 11 hours on this sweet little cow and so happy and proud that it will be apart of my niece childhood as she grows up with a very far away aunty.

Please remember that it’s never too late to create, there are millions of people out there that have a talent, a gift who are keen to share it with us and sparkle the creative side in each of us.

You just need to be bold enough to take the first step and dare to learn something new, its not about the result but the path, experience and joy of creating something that it’s all you! 


I hope this inspired you to look for more creativity in your life, book Paint for Fun’s class or a workshop here. If you want to learn about Papier Mache’, you can organise a private session for you and friends or family where I’ll come and teach you what I have learned and experienced first hand. Email me for details 

Please share this to inspire others around you and send me you your creative ideas and path so I can get inspired from you! Its a cycle, you see?!

x Revi