Family Art Time for Father’s Day

Do you want to make the dads in your life a bit happier this Father’s Day? Get them to grab a paintbrush and spend some family art time with their loved ones! 

It is scientifically proven:

“A new study reveals couples who create art or play board games together release oxytocin. Researchers report males release 2 to 2.5 times more oxytocin when creating art with their loved one.” 

If you want to know more, read the whole article hereCouples Creating Art Release Oxytocin, But Men Who Paint Release the Most

We’ve definitely witnessed this phenomenon in our classes. Men of all ages get into their creative zone and produce gorgeous artwork. In tune with the scientific research, it has a lot to do with the people they share this experience with – their dearest ones. We guess we can all agree that it is more relevant than ever now that we are all sharing so much time with our families at home. Because you know, families who paint together, bond together. 

Benefits of Family Art Time  


If quarantine and ‘stay at home’ restrictions have taught us anything is the ability to find joy in the simple things and explore new possibilities with our families at home. Therefore, timing couldn’t be more accurate for a creative painting experience with dad and the whole family.

It is a great way to connect dad with their partners and kids over an art activity. When some families were asked why art was important to their families on this Facebook post, the responses were so diverse but equally enlightening. 

“No other activity keeps my children as happy and occupied for as long! – Noah and the Girls”

“I lead by example for my children in expressing myself through art and creativity. I want to raise my boys to be Makers. Making things/art is a great way to build character and confidence! My son’s art is framed in our house, which builds his confidence to know the things he makes are valued. – Anne Keeler”

“I love working together, the memories made, and looking back on what we made over time. – Ana Dziengel”

“Integrating lots of art in our life has made me happy, which makes me a better parent, and my passion inspires my son, and builds his confidence. So a little selfishness can rub off and let your kids find their own passions. – Leslie Goebel”

“Honestly. I struggle to make art important in our family life. Some days/weeks/months are more successful than others. It was non existent in my life growing up, and I want that to be different for my girls! – Jennifer Meyer”


Father’s Day Fundraising – Free Facebook Live


This Father’s Day at Dya, we are showing dads, grandfathers, husbands, brothers and father-in-laws how much we care by thinking outside the box. We are celebrating the love for our dads and for coffee through a relaxing and peaceful, family friendly, virtual and creative experience.

Spend a memorable afternoon with your whole family in a supportive and creative environment, sipping wine or coffee (decaf or hot chocolate for the kids!). Laugh and explore your hidden talents through coffee and chocolate painting.

Join this event on our Facebook page on Sunday the 6th of September at 11am. No need for a link, simply hop on our Facebook page.

Countless studies have highlighted that artistic engagement can have beneficial impacts for those suffering from mental and physical disabilities. At Dya, we regularly work with organisations supporting individuals and carers of those with a disability.

In order to help support those in need, all proceeds from the session will be donated to SANE. SANE Australia is a national mental health charity providing support, research and advocacy for Australians affected by complex mental health issues.

Paint on Father’s Day for A Good Cause


While the experience is free of charge, we strongly encourage families to make a minimum $5 donation. Help us support SANE in their mission to provide mental health services to those in need.

All donations are tax deductible and can be made here:

Another great idea is to come and paint something for the dads in your life as a surprise gift for Father’s Day! We’ll have plenty of great paintings in August and after for you to choose from! If you want to join us before his big day and make a painting to give as a gift, we’ve got you covered. Browse our Events Calendar if you’re interested.

Either way, we would love you to paint with us to celebrate your father and all fathers!

Stay safe, stay creative!

Paint for Fun team