Some Very Happy Painters


  • First time painter

    Great night - with lots of fun and creativity. I can't paint, so really enjoyed going home with my wonderful 'masterpiece". Teacher was really approachable and encouraging.

  • Painting for fun

    Was a great night out. Lots of fun and a sense of accomplishment when looking at the completed picture.

  • Painting for fun Testimonial

    Would recommend this to anyone, even those who feel they aren't creative or have it in them or people who have not done any art for some time. It's a fun class! you're able to express yourself, and the teacher is amazing as she has a freestyle carefree attitude and embraces everyone's individuality being the real meaning of art.

  • Painting for fun

    Surprisingly enjoyable to get back to your childhood, only, some of the tips and techniques here are easily mastered leading to a very pleasing result. Very enjoyable night to be had.

  • Painting for fun

    Great fun, very relaxed and everyone was there just to have a good time. Went with a group of Mums and daughters and we all walked away with decent pictures that we could be proud of! Highly recommended.

  • Painting for fun

    I was surprised and amazed how easy doing the painting was. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I am very happy with the image that I created especially how I have not picked up a paint brush in over 20 years. Definitely encourage people to try it.

  • Painting for fun

    Amazing fun night never thought painting is so much fun I can't draw stick figures but with excellent guidance from the teacher I was amazed thank you for great night look forward to doing it again.


Common Questions

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? or call 0499 141 993 / 03 9005 6565

Do I have to bring anything?
No, we supply everything – canvases, paintbrushes, easels and even aprons.

What is the refund policy?
Non-refundable, you may transfer your ticket to another event free of charge.
Changes to booking are not possible made less then 24 hours prior to the event.

Can I bring my child/ren to a Paint for Fun event?
We recommend the minimum age to be 12+. For younger audiences please contact the organizer.

Are drinks & meals included in the ticket?
Drinks & food are separate, and not included in the ticket sale.

What are the minimum to run a class?
For a painting class to go ahead a minimum of 7 painters is required. In case of canceling a class, refund will be offered.

If I cant find a location near me?
We can come to you! When you organise 10 people or more, you actually pay less then the ticket price on line per person. All we need is you to provide the tables and chairs!

Can I suggest paintings?
Obsoletely! We love to hear your ideas and inspirations. If we will choose your suggested painting, you get a free ticket for that class. Send them through to or post them on our Facebook wall