Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentines day ideas

Why you should get creative with your partner?

5 reasons how creativity can give your relationship the boost it needs. Creativity takes courage, as Mattis said, and we here to convince you that you got what it takes!

We all love to be in a relationship and a lot of people refer to their partner as “my better half”, and yet we still fall comfortably into routines and ending our nights in-front of Netflix. While not every night needs to be a “big night out, getting a shared tattoos at 3am” (who does that anyway?!) It is still really important to break habits and create memories together, no matter what age, status and how many years you’ve been with the one you love.

We honestly great believers in bonding through creativity and this is a list we made of why you need more creativity in your life, some funky ideas and where to start:

Creative encourage a different way of thinking

you probably heard about creative thinking but what does it actually mean and how it can help you? Check out this Ted talk that explain what it means in a very simple way (Creative Thinking for Dummies, if you like)

There you have it! In a relationship you need to think outside the box, understanding your partner and explain how they can understand you better, it about solving your issues in a creative way and learn skills that lets face it, no one teaches us at school.

Bond(ing) for Life

Like we said before, doing the same activities you both like over and over again can be really boring at some point, even if it doesn’t feel good to say or hear. Imagine theses activities:

  • Pack some painting tool and go to paint in a forest or have a picnic.
  • Collect some beautiful flowers and make a crown for each other. 
  • Take some music instruments to the park and jamming together (it can be a Tamborine or two coconuts, you don’t have to be a musician)
  • Get a book about Haiku and try composing little poems to one another.

Art and creativity are everywhere! All you need is to open your eyes and look. The feeling coming back home after you share moments of spontaneous play (like we did when we were kids) will make you more joy and bond then any expensive dinner or a fancy hotel room..

The Art of Communication

The big C, probably the most important element in any relationship. Some of us are really good in that and some can’t say a word without over thinking it. In these age where information is so fast and excusable it seems that the small things like communication between two people can be hard, like a lost skills. Sometime the more we are with that person we love, the harder it is to say whats on our mind. 

Creativity can break these walls by expressing yourself beyond spoken words. 

I remember that me and my partner had some hard discussion to make and every time we tried brining this subject, I couldn’t stay clam.

One night we took a sketch book and started to sketch one another.

We had to stay still and really look into each other features, we has to stay relaxed. We started talking very calmly and the conversation just drifted to that hurt point. I managed to listen, really listen without react. It was great thing to experience and learn to talk in a different way.  

Share Fun Interests

Do you have any children? Do you feel that you are neglecting yourself and your romantic relationship while your wear the parent hut? Kids love creativity!

They can find three sticks and a rock and imagine the most amazing things.. so why not try and have some family relaxing time. Here is an idea- Go to the beach and collect sea shells, sea weed, rocks and sticks.

Get it all in one big pile and start drawing a Mandela shape on the sand. Plan it out and  talk about the shape and colours and start putting git together with what you have found.

It can take hours of beautiful play, you connect through making and can find peace with in yourself while being present with your family. And then when you are done, just walk away- no attachment (ok, you can take some photos and share it in your story)

Learn how to draw a Mandela in this link

Socialise With Meaning

Have mutual friends and struggle what to do? The same conversations and pub chat over loud music can become something that will drive people away instead of maintaining good connection and share interests. Try doing some creative activities together!

Some ideas: 

Dance competition

Get your groove on and start a dance off, get silly and stupid! yes, maybe alcohol can be a nice addition to get in touch with your silly side.

Cook together

Creative in the kitchen? Some baking and decorating or each will cook a dish that they do best and teach others

Collage making

This is so not just for the ladies, men will love it as well! Get some magazine, scissors, papers and glue

Fun right?!

Check out our Calendar of events, were you can find amazing painting to try with your partner, it’s such a great night out and we are sure you will love it and it ticks all of the above! Book now here.

We hope we sparkle some creative ideas to use and of course we would love to add them in here, you have the power to inspire people so comment below or send your thought to [email protected]