How To Use Paint Ep. 9 – How To Make A Mandala (Painting For Mindfulness)

In this tutorial you will be walked through how to create a beautiful mandala and how little tricks and tips can help you practice mindfulness in lockdown.

Your Instructor:

Vicki will be walking you through how to create your very own mandala. Vicki is incredibly talented and a qualified art therapist!

What you’ll need:

  • A canvas or a piece of paper
  • Paint (ideally acrylic but any will do)
  • Jar of water 
  • Pencil 
  • Black marker 
  • Medium size round object (pot lid) 

Let’s get started painting!

STEP 1: Create Your Background 

  • Start off by grabbing a big paint brush and selecting the colour of your background.
  • Before going in with paint dip your brush in water.
  • Using the paint make brush strokes going up and down the page until your whole canvas is coloured.

PRO TIP: Vicky is making some patterns on a notebook that you can potentially use when creating your mandala later on so keep it in mind!

STEP 2: Plan Your Mandala Outline

  • After you’ve painted your background, let it dry you can start planning your mandala. 
  • Using a pencil once the paint has dried, make a mark on the middle of the page to mark the centre of your mandala.

STEP 3: Sketch Your Mandala Outline

  • Using the round object draw a circle on the outer and make smaller circles all the way to the middle.
  • This will create the outer layer of your mandala as well as be your indication for when to start new shapes.

STEP 4: Create Your Mandala

  • Using a marker and the circles sketched by the pencil start thinking about what patterns might be used to create the mandala.
  • Start from the middle mark you made at the start and begin making little shapes to start forming your mandala. 
  • Be sure to use the lines you made inside you bigger circle as a guide for when to change shape or line.

STEP 5: Defining Your Mandala

  • You should now start to see what you envision on your paper using different shapes and lines. 
  • You can go back in and add definition or other shapes if you make a mistake so do not worry!

Fun Fact: using the same pattern to go around the circle of your mandala actually help calm your nervous system down. It can actually encourage mindfulness and relax you!

Your very own mandala should not be done! We hope you enjoyed this get started with painting tutorial and practiced some mindfulness!

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