It’s Beginning to Look Like a Festive Christmas!

Throwing a Christmas office party is a wonderful opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and loyalty during the year. And not only that, Christmas is the time of the year we get to spend time with people we cherish, love, and appreciate. A cheery and joyful celebration is a perfect to reward your employees, celebrate their achievements, bond with their fellow coworkers and have them excited and refreshed to return to work in the new year.

Christmas this year might look a bit different than the kind of Christmas festivities we know. But the rollercoaster of events of this year should not dampen that holiday spirit we all love.

To make your online festive planning a little bit more hassle-free, we have listed five pretty cool virtual Christmas party ideas to give your team and employees a celebration that they deserve (they are all Santa approved, don’t worry!).

1. Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt


We reckon an online scavenger hunt is such a fun way to spend time on Zoom calls, don’t you think? Instead of the staring at the screen for a long period of time, your staff would be running around and be energized with excitement. It is a wonderful way to learn more about the people that we work with—think of it as a more fun way to do show and tell!

Here are some ideas for a virtual scavenger hunt:

2. Virtual Christmas Trivia


Get into the season’s festivities by doing a trivia competition of all things Christmassy! You might learn a new thing or two. Do you know that eating mincemeat pies is considered good luck? And that Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song and not a Christmas song? And what about the French name for Santa is Pere Noel?

We bet your team will go oooohhh and ahhhh over these interesting facts!

Learn more about Christmas here:


3. Gingerbread Wars

Host an online competition over Zoom of Who-Does-It-Best Christmas edition in decorating a Gingerbread house! Send your team a gingerbread house kit (You can find one from Coles or Myer) and may the best gingerbread house decorator wins!

4. Virtual Christmas Slideshow

What is the Christmas season without having photos involved and a hint of reminiscence? Chances are, each person in your team would have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of photos on their phone, hard drives, computer, social media, etc. Before you host the online Zoom or Google Hangout party, have each team member send Christmas photos and videos of themselves. You can then compile these fun Christmassy snaps into a slideshow and feature it during the online party! Add a beautiful Christmas holiday music and boom you’re done! This is such a great activity to foster deeper relationship with fellow coworkers.

Here is an hour long of good ol’ Christmas classic songs that you can draw inspiration from HERE.

5. Virtual Painting Christmas party


Celebrate the holiday spirit with this festive Christmas painting and learn how to paint Tim Burton’s Gloomy characters for a wintery Christmas vibe. It is a beginner-friendly class and the Paint for Fun instructor will guide you how create your own artwork from start to finish! Get a friend or two (or the whole office staff), a cuppa of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine, and have the most fun creating a masterpiece to celebrate Christmas and the coming new year at the comfort of your own lounge!
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