5 Tips to Have Fun while Being Single in Melbourne (Winter Edition)

Melbourne is such a fun city to live in as a single person. It’s one of the most creative cities in the world, with its street art, local fashion, galleries, coffee culture, live performances, and free and paid events of every kind.

Being single in a cosmopolitan and exciting city like Melbourne opens up a whole lot of possibilities for you to explore new hobbies and interests even on grey wintry days. You know those gloomy days when we feel more tempted than ever to just stay home, get cozy and binge-watch Netflix.

But you also know that cold days in Melbourne are not few so we’d better find a way to make the most of them. The truth is we need to get a little bit more creative to find a reason to put ourselves out there and mingle with other people. But it’s totally doable!

And because at ‘Paint for Fun’ we’re all about creativity and trying out new things, here are five tips for you to have more single fun in the city.


1. Embrace single life.


Single people in Melbourne

It’s funny how when you’re single, you want to be in a relationship. And then when you’re in a relationship, you want to be single again, right?

Anyways, being single in Melbourne is an opportunity to reinvent yourself in creative ways. It gives you personal power. You’ve got the power to decide how your evenings and weekends are going to look like. You’ve got the power to decide what people and situations you want to attract to your life. And you’ve got the power to do it at your own pace because you’re making the rules as you go.

So, embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts!


2. Say “yes” more often.


Single life in Melbourne

By that we mean saying yes to new opportunities – whether it be an upcoming event, a work opportunity or a coffee catch-up. You never know who you might meet along the way! Hasn’t it happened to you that you dread going out somewhere but you do it anyway and end up loving it and having the best time?

Well, that goes to show that…

You miss 100% of the shots (or the fun) you don’t take.

3. Reprogram your mind to not “need” people.


Being Single in Melbourne

Often times we don’t realise that we can definitely have fun on our own. It’s kind of changing our own mindset. If you feel like doing something, don’t let the excuse of not having a +1 stop you.

There are heaps of cool things to do in Melbourne by yourself. And you can even go to places where you can meet new people in a welcoming and totally safe atmosphere.


So, embrace this new mindset… you’ll see how liberating it is!


4. Be more spontaneous.


One of the great things about being single is the fact that you don’t need to run things by another person before doing something. How awesome is that?

There’s always something going on in Melbourne so you can get home and make snap decisions at your heart’s content even in the middle of the week. You don’t have any plans for the weekend on a Friday morning? It’s not biggie! You can just decide right there and then that you want to buy those tickets, visit that place or see that movie.

On your own? Yeah, why not?


5. Give yourself freedom to create.


Single life in Melbourne

Living in Australia’s arts capital, it would be crazy to finish this article without mentioning all the possibilities for creative activities around the city that can bring positive vibes to your life.

Actually, science shows that single people have and artistic advantage over the rest of people.

Here’s why: “Single life also allows for more time alone, which can account for an increase in creativity. Science has shown that our brain’s default network (the part of our brains engaged when we let our mind wander and daydream) can stimulate significant creativity. And who are the people letting their minds wander all the time? People who spend a lot of downtime alone, such as singles.”

There you go… are you putting all that creative potential to use?

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