Supporting Our Community Through A Free, Live Online Art Class

In July 2020, we hosted a free, live online art class at Paint for Fun. We got the inspiration for this session by considering the ways in which we could best support our audience during these extremely challenging and isolating times.


Free Facebook Live Online Class

In the spirit of coming together and enhancing the wellbeing of our community, we decided to facilitate a free online class in order to encourage and sustain artistic expression throughout the nation during this tough period.

We are proud to say we had over 200 participants attend from across the country! And hundreds more still enjoying the class, available to replay on YouTube
Free Online Art Class Replay


Art and Creativity Improve Your Wellbeing


There is ample research highlighting that creative expression supports emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing. This is precisely the reason behind our desire to help in developing a supportive community of artists.

The research also shows that being part of a group and working together towards a common goal greatly increases happiness and satisfaction. We wholeheartedly hope to help our community in attaining this goal. 

In endeavouring to be as collaborative and engaged as possible, we made the decision to have participants vote on the painting they would most like to emulate. The painting that received most votes and won as the overwhelming favourite was ‘On The Riverbank’. 

sip and paint melbourne
Painting Voted as Favourite – ‘On the Riverbank’


Our ongoing aim is to make creativity through painting as accessible, affordable and inclusive as possible, which is why we encouraged participants to use whatever mediums they had lying at home, including watercolours, acrylics, crayons, or even coloured pencils. At Paint for Fun, we firmly believe that the beauty lies in the creative journey rather than in the materials. 

In an effort to engage the audience throughout the experience, we had an assistant respond to queries in real time, hosted a poll to gauge materials used, and shared countless photos of paintings completed by the participants. 

We know how difficult this journey is and will undoubtedly continue to be over the coming months. It is our unwavering mission to make it all just a little bit easier by providing a caring, nurturing and creative platform where everyone can benefit from the joy of creativity wherever possible.


Amazing Engagement, Great Results


The response to our free online class was overwhelmingly positive. Our amazing artists were engaged all the way through. All these beautiful people did the right thing, stayed at home and painted for fun using pencils, pastels, watercolours and acrylic proving that creativity knows no boundaries!

Thanks to all these people who painted with us! We feel privileged to be able to bring creativity and joy into your life in times like these.

sip and paint melbourne
Amazing Results. Thanks for Painting with Us!

If you missed it! Don’t fret. Watch the replay and if you want to try another class, feel free to browse our Events Calendar and take your pick!

We can’t wait to paint with you very soon!

Stay safe, stay creative.

Paint for Fun Team