5 Fun Activities to Do Post Lockdown

  Christmas is just around the corner and although 2020 has been an eventful ride, Christmas is still as magical as it has always been. Now that we are out of lockdown, it is time to explore the outdoors, meet friends and families and give them a big hug, and enjoy the summer sunshine! Still […]

It’s Beginning to Look Like a Festive Christmas!

Throwing a Christmas office party is a wonderful opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and loyalty during the year. And not only that, Christmas is the time of the year we get to spend time with people we cherish, love, and appreciate. A cheery and joyful celebration is a perfect to reward your […]

The Most Thoughtful Home-Made Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Wow! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Well, you’re not alone. We get you! It may be hectic at work around the holidays, you’re busy planning your well-deserved trip to your dream destination and you’re having family or friends over. You haven’t had the time or mental […]