Family Art Time for Father’s Day

Do you want to make the dads in your life a bit happier this Father’s Day? Get them to grab a paintbrush and spend some family art time with their loved ones!  It is scientifically proven: “A new study reveals couples who create art or play board games together release oxytocin. Researchers report males release […]

Supporting Our Community Through A Free, Live Online Art Class

In July 2020, we hosted a free, live online art class at Paint for Fun. We got the inspiration for this session by considering the ways in which we could best support our audience during these extremely challenging and isolating times.   Free Facebook Live Online Class In the spirit of coming together and enhancing […]

4 Fun Activities To Do In Self-Isolation At Home

The world right now is a very scary, unsure and lonely place. As we all sit, day by day, waiting to hear the constant and seemingly always dooming news about what’s next to happen with COVID-19, we seem to become more and more weighed down. As the majority of us have been urged to practice […]