Paint for Fun Open Studio to Explore Creativity in Your Terms!

Melbourne is a city in which many love the idea of expressing themselves through art. We know that art can take form in multiple different ways and is often used as an avenue for individuals to engage with their creative sense.  At Paint For Fun we believe every individual should explore their creative side. We […]

5 Things You Can Do to Be More Creative During COVID Isolation

Staying at home does not mean that you can’t be creative! We have compiled 5 things that you can do at home to keep those creative juices flowing, from painting and decorating your space to painting while sipping wine, we got you covered! Surround yourself with colours that encourage creativity   The psychology around colour […]

4 Things About Art-Based Team Building Your Boss Wants To Know

Feeling your workmates -and yourself- could really use a fun, art-based team building activity halfway through this crazy year? We bet your boss would agree! Painting for fun with your colleagues or, even better, painting your colleagues (read more below) is a neutral, stress-free activity with many benefits. Generally, most of us think that we are […]

Why art-based activities are ideal for team building activities

Team building activities are a powerful resource for businesses of any size. It boosts employee satisfaction and well-being, builds stronger team relationships and sparks creativity. However, oftentimes we either overlook them as decision-makers or dread them as employees. Why is that? Probably because we haven’t had pleasant experiences in the past. It could turn out […]