5 Fun ‘Unplugged’ Date Ideas To Try This Season

Do you ever feel like a third wheel to your partner and their device? Yes?! Me too…So get ready to unplug and experience a date where it really is just the two of you! Although we welcome the new year with open arms we tend to step back and realise that each new year brings […]

“Show Off” – Come Celebrate With Us!

Paint for Fun is turning 2! It’s been an amazing couple of years here in Melbourne. We’ve met so many wonderful people in our classes, and witnessed so much hidden talent – it’s amazing to see the artistic potential in all of us with just a little steering in the right direction. To celebrate our […]

Colour My World- An Interview With Honie

Meet one of our class faves: Honie Head Hey Honie! Tell us a bit about yourself? I’d describe myself as a craft-loving person. Generally, I do scrapbooking, but I like to challenge myself in all areas, learning new techniques and crafts. I’ll try my hand at anything that takes my fancy, really! I’m also a single […]

Colour My World – Monthly Q&A with Paint For Fun’s budding artists 

In this newsletter, we’d like to introduce you to repeat customer and general legend Phoebe James. Hi Phoebe, thanks for your time.  My pleasure. So tell me, is this your first class? This is actually my fourth! The first class I did was ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – that was an acrylic painting class and […]