Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to Paint In The Dark

  Intro into paint in the dark Melbourne’s first ever paint in the dark event has taken place on May 14th. This new series of events is bought to you exclusively by paint for fun to add some much-needed warmth and fun to your winter. Pour a glass of wine, pick up a paintbrush, get […]

Twitch Virtual Painting Party – Paint For Fun

What happens when a team of streamers ditch the headset and keyboard for paints and a canvas? Background Twitch is a live streaming service widely known for gaming & esports competitions, podcasts, and other creative content! Content creators are thought of as incredibly talented and tech savvy people. They provide us with content we know […]

Get Started with Painting Ep. 7. Watercolour

In this months tutorial we will be walking you through how to get started with painting watercolour This tutorial will be taught to you by our amazing teacher Ally who has been teaching since 14 and will be having her artworks in Dya’s – The Art Of Creative Thinking art gallery. What you’ll need paper […]