Twitch Virtual Painting Party – Paint For Fun

What happens when a team of streamers ditch the headset and keyboard for paints and a canvas? Background Twitch is a live streaming service widely known for gaming & esports competitions, podcasts, and other creative content! Content creators are thought of as incredibly talented and tech savvy people. They provide us with content we know […]

It’s Beginning to Look Like a Festive Christmas!

Throwing a Christmas office party is a wonderful opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and loyalty during the year. And not only that, Christmas is the time of the year we get to spend time with people we cherish, love, and appreciate. A cheery and joyful celebration is a perfect to reward your […]

5 Famous Paintings You Can Totally Learn to Paint Online

Most people think they have to be a so-called “artist” or have a special talent to create art worth showing off. We respectfully disagree! With the proper step-by-step guidance and encouragement, you can recreate easy famous paintings from the comfort of your home. Here are some ideas of easy famous paintings you can learn to […]