Why art-based activities are ideal for team building activities

Team building activities are a powerful resource for businesses of any size. It boosts employee satisfaction and well-being, builds stronger team relationships and sparks creativity.

However, oftentimes we either overlook them as decision-makers or dread them as employees. Why is that? Probably because we haven’t had pleasant experiences in the past. It could turn out too much of a hassle to organise and come up with ideas. Or the activities are so cliché and boring that they fail at spicing things up at the office.

If you haven’t considered art-based activities for your team building events, you might be missing out on great opportunities. So, here are four big ideas on why art (a sip and paint party, for example) could be the answer to your team bonding needs.

Painting will really distract you from work-related talk


Team building

How could you possibly talk about the report that is due on Monday when you’re sketching and blending colours?

When we’re in our creative zone and focused on the task at hand, we’re less likely to start talking about work. We try to really embrace the experience and engage with our colleagues in a totally different way.

The fun and easy-going nature of painting for fun makes it perfect to enjoy a break from our hectic schedule and build a better team.


Art-making encourages us to get out of our comfort zone


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Unless we’re artists, most of us feel that we’re stepping out of our comfort zone when it comes to painting. And that’s a good thing! It encourages our brains to work in new ways and sparks creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

What we’ve seen in our team building events is that people come in with fairly low expectations about what they will be able to create. After two hours of fun and a bit of booze in their system, they’re absolutely amazed at the personal artwork they will be able to hang in the office.

And since 53% of people say art in the workplace makes them happier, we think the percentage is even higher when the artwork has our signature on it.


Painting quiets our minds


Depending on the industry we work in, we spend too much time on analytical thinking. Our minds constantly operate at a really fast pace. However, painting encourages us to slow down and gives our mind some breathing space to explore our creative side. Remember it craves to be unleashed every once in a while!

As one of our regular clients puts it, it could also be a great analogy to life…

“I feel like [painting for fun] is just a really good analogy just for life. When you’re in the class, you’re very close to the canvas… and you see everything you do wrong. But you take a step back, you look at it, you put it into perspective and it just looks completely different. And life is like that as well!”

That’s why team building activities involving art are so satisfying and soothing for all participants. Especially if they are paired up with our favourite booze and great company!


Art can spark a bonding team experience


Christmas office party

It’s amazing to see how you can get twenty completely different versions of the same featured painting. Same instructions, same materials, same instructor, same concept but… completely different and unique individuals.

Painting illustrates how differently we see things and helps us appreciate other people’s points of view. We reinforce the idea that they are equally valuable and worthy of being expressed.

And there you go… some really convincing arguments to consider an art-based activity for your next team building event.


If we piqued your interest, check our team building events for a hassle-free, highly productive and fun team building activity.

Happy team building!