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Top reasons to throw a painting party

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Art and painting were once only for painters. Today, painting events are quite popular during weekends, weddings, social gatherings, etc.

Presently, adults are involving themselves more in painting parties. And it is not necessary to know the mechanism of painting. The motto is to enjoy the other side of life, smile and have loads of fun.

You can have a great time with your friends and family over colours, brushes, a canvas and food. Ok, let’s keep aside the introduction and see what are the top reasons to host a painting session.  

Great party idea

Looking for a new party idea? Arrange a painting session. Be it any party, there is no doubt that your guests will love the event. You can add fun things like a goodie bag, surprise gifts, prizes for different categories, etc. to blast it off.

Memorable bachelorette party

Arranging a hens party in Melbourne? Rather than having the same old style for your bachelorette party, have a painting class at the event. Make the moment unforgettable as your girl gang comes together and have fun.  

Great bonding opportunity

Working people need to have time together out of the working space. This helps to know each other well and work better together. Having a painting party during team outings gives an immense opportunity to bond more with colleagues and know them.

Walk out with the best gift

Attend a party with a painting session and you will walk out with the best gift. You paint what you want, exchange paintings if you feel to do so, and walk out with a masterpiece that will be a memory forever. What can be the best gift!


Rewind and unwind

Rewind life to the childhood days when you had painted a picture and showed it to your friends. A painting session helps to unwind the lost moments, renew your spirit and refresh your mind.

Challenges are fun

Trying something new is always fun. At your next party, arrange a painting challenge. Keeping prizes adds more fun. This is a harmless way to enjoy the day with a break to bring out the lost creativity.

Connect with your friends with a virtual painting party

The Covid-19 pandemic has put restrictions to meet our friends and dear ones. But we can always meet them virtually. Take this opportunity to host a virtual painting party to celebrate any occasion or maybe without any reason.

Some things in life are lived only once. So, if you are looking for a memorable painting event, we are there to arrange it for you. Reach out to us now!