Twitch Virtual Painting Party – Paint For Fun

What happens when a team of streamers ditch the headset and keyboard for paints and a canvas?


Twitch is a live streaming service widely known for gaming & esports competitions, podcasts, and other creative content!

Content creators are thought of as incredibly talented and tech savvy people. They provide us with content we know and love. However, how do they adapt when given a creative task outside of their comfort zone?

At Paint For Fun, we work closely with our sister company, Dya – The Art of Creative Thinking. Dya, enable individuals to look past their basic thought abilities and reach further into a portion of their brain, where their creativity and authentic individual expression can truly stand out.

Twitch is passionate about their content creators and wants to ensure they give them the opportunities to stay fresh and imaginative. So, as you’re probably guessing right now – this is where we came in! 

Twitch came to us wanting to do a painting party workshop that was fun to connect the team during lockdown. They wanted something creative and engaging. The pressure was on to produce something creative for arguably some of the most creative people out there. 


At Paint For Fun, we are always testing the boundaries and striving for bigger and better. This was the perfect task to get our creative and fun team thinking, the ideas were endless. 

Upon conversation with Nicole from the Twitch team we planned and incredible Picasso inspired class. This gave us the opportunity to combine a famous artist, creative shapes painting, content creators and some cheeky drinks of course!

To make sure we understood the needs to this Twitch creators’ team we engaged in a long consultation with Nicole to create the event. From those meetings we knew we had to make group comfortable, understanding they never met before and would be trying a brand-new activity for the first time. 

To plan it was important to create an event with some familiarity for the group, we knew already that these attendees have not met before and would be doing an activity completely out of what they are used to. 

Understanding that visual arts is not these attendees forte, we pulled right back to what is for most of them, gaming. We put together something interactive and encouraging of participation to help the team relax on the day of the event.

We personalised art kits and had them sent out to each individual streamer with a package that was put together by Twitch. 

The Painting Party

With almost 100 content creators from all over Australia we created an online workshop full of interaction, laughs and opportunities to showcase personal expression. 

To lighten the mood and create a comfortable and fun environment all attendees came dressed in their pj’s or onesies. This was a great ice breaker to go with our mini online game. 

We started our virtual event by having a game around Picasso to break the ice and get everyone chatting. It was an incredibly fun activity. It gave everyone discussing and learning some cool facts about the famous artist!

From our Port Melbourne studio, we had Annabelle, Pinqui and Holly leading this virtual event. We took a simple idea and turned it into an incredibly fun creative art workshop! 

This virtual painting party gave their creators the chance to work through mistakes. Often with online bloggers and streamers mistakes can easily be cut if you say something wrong you can retake, lose a game?, you play another one. With this virtual painting workshop making a mistake on the canvas meant we had to find a way to make it part of the plan.

The results were truly amazing to see, especially with those HD cameras that helped! 

Every single creator added their personal touch to the painting, it was amazing to see how different each Picasso art piece came out. This emphasised how different these creators truly are event though their line of work is very similar. 

Online creators are usually grouped based on what platform they use (for instance you-tubers) however it’s their personality that gains them a following. This is exactly what we wanted to bring out, every single person’s own uniqueness and quirkiness 

So, to answer the question posed at the start, some amazing Picasso inspired artworks!

Want to be like the team from Twitch and give our Picasso class a go?

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