Urban Art Making in Melbourne / Part 2 (Ocean)

2. Second Location- The beach (or port, lake, any other water source)

I think the problem Y had is that sketching nature landscaping is a bit hard and need a lot of practice. I found it even boring as nature and water is so 3D and deep with so much texture, can’t quite get that with a pencil.. (anyway that’s my 1 cent opinion on the matter!)

So what to do when you are in this amazing location with sand, sea, boats, lighthouse?

Watercolours of course! It easy to carry, you can paint small, its not messy at all and creating shades is great. Obviously when painting water with watercolour- its just meant to be!

Here is your watercolour’s starter guide from past blog!

You can use the pencil to do the outlines and the layout and then start working in some techniques like wet on wet, tune painting and invisible paint.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I recommend attending one of our watercolour classes to learn your basics and what you need to know when painting watercolour.

Now, take off your shoes, burry your feet in the warm sand and start painting!

Here is my result and a few tries, had so much fun! You can go big and paint the whole surrounding or go small and paint a seashell, boat or a seagull/swans.

Locations: Port Melbourne beach/port, Albert Park lake, Brighton Beach Boxes   

What I used: watercolours, 300g watercolour paper, pencil, brush, water pot, cloth   

Difficulty:  Easy- medium