Urban Art Making- Part 4 (Graffiti!)

And here we are, in our last forth location! My journey around the city is coming to an end (and yours, hopefully, just begin).

Ok, what’s cooler then painting the amazing graffiti around Melbourne Allies?

And also, while you sit there and sketch in one of the cafes, you can see the million of tourists taking heaps of photos of the street artworks but you are so original by spending time to look closely and painting/sketching them- so original, hipster maybe- yes!

Where to go? Just press the link to go to a 3km walk tour in all of the best allies. Ally hoping is a thing!

Walking map will take you there!
Painting By Alison Pilcher

So don’t forget your latte and stripy scarf and get in the mood because we are a real Melbournians!*

* A Melbournian is a person who was born or raised in Melbourne, Australia, usually partial to fish and chips and a good Saturday footy match.



I used some colour pencils and draw/sketch/paint. They come in many shades and have a great effect when you use the lines. Heres a fun trick- take a tracing paper and colour opposite on the back of it (see photo) then when you turn it it looks a bit like a graffiti, now you can use some while to do the shading- give it a try!

It was super cool and now I’m so pumped from all the caffeine, I’m going to drive my bike home really fast to burn the energy- the hard life of a Hipster 😉


Locations: Graffiti allies of Melbourne    

What I used: Tracing paper, HB pencil, eraser, colour pencils and a marker, background- texture paper

Difficulty:  Easy!