How to Make an Amazing Vision Board for 2019

The year is almost over and we all know it’s time to reflect.. but what about preparing for 2019?

Tell me, how are you with making “New Year resolutions” (and keeping them!), Is that something you always done, making a list that got forgotten after a few weeks?

You are not alone, most of us do exactly that! We are really keen in taking the opportunity to reflect, thinking back on what worked for us and what didn’t and trying to set goals for the next year. It is important, of course, because in order to grow and revolve as a person you need to learn from your own experiences and mistakes.

Ok so all good, we know we NEED to reflect but the question is HOW to turn it into something that we can really look back on and through the year.. Or in other words…


Some of you probably heard about the Law of Attraction. Let me sum it up- Law of Attraction is about creating your own reality by aiming, visualising and thriving for the things that you want. furthermore, it’s about positive thinking and the understanding that the universe will give you exactly what you ask for.

The problem is we are usually busy thinking what we DON’T want instead of what we Do want. The idea is to let our dreams and hopes take over instead of our fears and anxieties on the way to success. Sounds impossible? Let’s start with the first step – making a vision board to set goals, hopes and dreams for the new year. is a website dedicated to The Law of Attraction, if you want to dive deeper and understand this method, have a look. Knowledge is power and this helped me a lot in my personal life and in business, for example. 

Alright, now- What is a vision Board?!

I’m a visual person, some are audio so they connect to music and sounds, some are kinetic and they need to touch things around to really connect and some are logic and they just LOVE their charts and graphs.

No matter what kind of person you are and what makes you “tick”, the vision board is for almost everyone! A vision board is a powerful tool that helps you narrow down your desires through the power of choice. The tool helps you invest the time and energy to visualise your future and consistently reminds you of your life goals. Another popular term for it is dream board.

Vision Board is great as it helps you choose what you will want in 2019, help you visualise your goals as you can hang it where you work, study or sleep so instead if a list- its right in front of you! Last, it helps you stay consistent in your goals throughout the year.

Are you excited? Now, how will you make your own vision board?

This is what you need:

  • Scissors 
  • Big cardboard from office works (50×70 cm is a good size but depends on your hanging space)
  • Life style Magazines 
  • Images/Quotes printed from the internet – free inspirational quotes to print out 
  • photographs
  • Glue stick 
  • Markers, crayons, colourful pencils 
  • Pom poms, sparkles, stickers, washy tape etc. (if you into shiny things. if you want to keep it minimalist, skip!) 


Step 1: Plan Out Your Board

Take some time to thoughtfully consider the message you want your personalised board to convey and how you want your vision board to look like.

Ask yourself: 

1. What true wishes and desires I want to reflect on my vision board? Write your values, goals. It can be mentally, success, family, personal, financial- anything go!

2. Do I want one board or multiple boards for different areas of my life? This is a good question right?! I made one for Paint for Fun a few months ago when I was participating in a small business seminar. This board reflects on my brand, my ideal client, some fun photos (the exercise was “if your brand was an animal/drink/person/activity what will it be?). My personal board would look different obviously so maybe you’ll have one in the office, one in your living room and one personal that no one can see?! Up to you and what you feel needed in your life.

3. What type of images will I use (printed or actual photographs)? And where will I source them from? Keep in mind that printing can be expensive and a waste so maybe combine from a few sources. 

4. Decide on a vision board style — tidy board or messy board? With me- always messy while my partner’s vision board will be so straight and organise you can use it as a roller. This I think depends on your personality but what about messy if you want this year to ket go or organise if you need structor and stability in 2019? interesting..

Step 2: Making it till you loving it!! 

Look for a quiet space that you can really focus and get in touch with yourself. Music, wine, on the floor- whatever works for you. Some people like to do it with their besties- that’s great as long as you are focused and sure you can create what YOU want and let the other person concentrate on themselves as well. 

Now that you gathered your materials, you thought it through and know what you want 2019 to bring you- time to shine! There are no good or bad vision boards, it need to reflect on you and you only. It’s easy to create when you have something to connect to and that excites you, this is YOUR LIFE, what can be better than that?!

When you start attaching the photos, take a look at them, stare and feel the desire washing you- this is what you want! FEEL IT and commit to it.

Step 3: How will I make sure I’m looking at it throughout the year?

Obviously it needs to be hanged, putting this behind the cardboard is not the best way. Think where this board will have the best effect on you.. When you wake up and stare at first thing in the morning, maybe at work above your desk, or even take a look at it before going to bed.

Look at it at least once a week and of course- at the end of the year to see what actually manifest and what you thought you wanted but actually turned out that a better outcome was waiting to appear. Show your board to your significant others in your life, they can hold you accountable and inspire you to follow your path all the way through.

One last tip from me: stay positive and try to hang out with people that will inspire you to be positive. Watch what you say and think- this is what you bring into your life! Remember that loving yourself and your life take courage and it’s beyond rewarding.

Here at Paint for Fun, we wish you an amazing year full of light and wishes coming true. We hope this year will be the best for you yet and that you will develop self love and creativity.  We are all creative beings! 

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