Episode 1: Where to Start

Starting a new hobby can be a very exciting journey, especially in the world of painting! You might ask yourself, “How do I start? Which brushes do I get? What kind of paper do I need? What type of paint will I be using?”. Fear not! Paint for Fun’s newest tutorial series will take you step-by-step on how to start and get creative with colours, paints, and brushes.


We have teamed up with Art Shed to help you started on your painting journey. Art Shed is a one stop art shop in Moorabin. Let’s watch what Tom, the amazing ArtShed manager, has to say!

1. Come say hi to the friendly staff at ArtShed


ArtShed has a lot of artist in their team and tehy have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to art. How cool is that! Tell them what you have in mind and they will definitely be able to help you out.

2. Decide what kind of art you want to create


Tom suggests for beginners to start with a water-based medium, such as acrylic paint or watercolour paints. They are less intimidating and they are super easy to learn!

3. Consider getting a kit


A great way to just START is by getting a painting kit. ArtShed stocks a wide range or pre-packages kits. You can head online to check them out or pop into the store and ask the friendly staff. The kits are very affordable and they start at $30 for a full kit of various paints, brushes, and canvas.

4. ArtShed painting tutorials


Stay in the loop and keep a lookout on ArtShed’s next painting and art tutorials. These free events are amazing because the members of the ArtShed team would demonstrate the various painting mediums, style of paintings, and many more!

Are you ready to get colourful and creative?

 Check out ArtShed here: https://www.artshedonline.com.au

Have a look at Paint for Fun’s upcoming classes: https://www.paintforfun.com.au/events-calendar/