Art Exhibition

Paint in the Dark©️ Shines Bright at Be Bold Festival 2023

Melbourne, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, is gearing up for an exciting event that promises to celebrate diversity and creativity like never before. The Be Bold Festival 2023 is just around the corner, and this year’s edition is set to be bigger and better than ever. Among the myriad of activities and attractions, one event that

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team building activities for corporate

Painting Parties A Fun and Engaging Team Building Experience for Your Company

Are you searching for unique team building activities for workthat will inspire creativity and foster stronger connections among your colleagues? Look no further than painting parties! Painting parties offer a fun and engaging experience combining art, socialising, and team building games, creating an atmosphere encouraging collaboration, communication, and innovation. This write-up examines how painting parties can be an excellent choice for

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Painting as a Therapeutic Outlet Boosting Team Morale and Well-being Through Art

Team building activities in the fast-paced and competitive corporate world have become essential to fostering a positive work environment. These activities enhance communication and collaboration among team members and boost morale and overall well-being. While traditional team building games and exercises are popular choices, one unique and creative outlet can truly transform your team’s dynamics: painting. Paint and Sip: A Refreshing

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Paint for Fun Summer Events

Hey Melbourne! Check us out for some Best Summer Events Ever!

Melbourne’s long-awaited summer is finally here,so take this opportunity to throw on some sunglasses, gather your friends and family and enjoy the bright sunny days and breezy nights soaking in the fun side of Melbourne creating memories! Have you ever tried sipping a cocktail while painting the blue summer skies? You heard us right! Paint&Sip is one of the

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Kids just wanna have fun! A Guide for July 2019 School Holidays

The winter season is upon us, we’ve reached the halfway point in the year and the kids are slowly but surely wrapping up this term and getting themselves ready for a fortnight (or so) of freedom!  But what to do, what to do? After all, being outside in the chilly weather isn’t ideal. Well, never fear – keep reading

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An Artfelt Journey – Year Of Yas

Written By: Yasemin Yesil, Paint for Fun long and loyal painters. I dedicate this post to all the people out there who embrace the joy of doing what they love…even if they’re not particularly good at it…yet!  1990 The beginning… Sitting in the livingroom of my family home, seven-year-old me had just finished reading one of my favourite books,

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“Show Off” – Come Celebrate With Us!

Paint for Fun is turning 2! It’s been an amazing couple of years here in Melbourne. We’ve met so many wonderful people in our classes, and witnessed so much hidden talent – it’s amazing to see the artistic potential in all of us with just a little steering in the right direction. To celebrate our birthday, we are Throwing

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