School Holiday Workshops with Paint for Fun

Creative Thinking and Art School Holiday Workshops

Ignite Curiosity and Creativity: Join Our Enchanting School Holiday Workshops!

Spice up your child’s school holiday in Port Melbourne with our dynamic art program! Immerse them in a world of creativity from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day (you can sign up for half a day as well!), where they’ll explore a diverse range of artistic techniques and mediums. No experience is needed – just a readiness to dive into the exciting realms of art and imagination.

Our specially tailored activities will have your little artists crafting everything from luminous sea creatures to imaginative dinosaur sculptures and vibrant nature-inspired reliefs. They’ll engage in hands-on sessions, bringing their artistic visions to life while nurturing their creativity and confidence. Each day offers a new adventure: sculpting in clay, drawing under moonlight, and even creating their own eco-friendly art pieces.

At the end of each session, they’ll proudly bring home their masterpieces and a newfound passion for the arts. Don’t miss this chance to ignite your child’s creative spark in a fun, inspiring environment!

Each day in your school holiday program offers three unique and immersive workshops.