School Holiday Workshops with Paint for Fun

Creative Thinking and Art School Holiday Workshops

Ignite Curiosity and Creativity: Join Our Enchanting School Holiday Workshops!

Embark on an adventure-filled week of art, discovery, and learning surprises that await your young creators! Each day is a captivating journey into different themes, designed to nurture their imagination:

When booking for a day, it’s $95/ticket, join us for 2-5 days and get a discount.

As an industry leader with 24 years of experience, Dya The Art of Creative Thinking provides creative thinking workshops for children and teens.

Our workshops are designed by experienced artists and educators who understand how important creative thinking is in creating well rounded and future ready students who can tackle anything our ever changing world throws at them.

We challenge children to think ‘outside the square’, to communicate openly and honestly with peers, to embrace mistakes, and to understand that the process is just as important as the results.