Healing Heartbreak Through Art: A Mid-Winter Paint For Fun Special

Heartbreak often resembles the chilly grips of winter; the comforting warmth of love fades into a biting sting of loss. Yet as each winter blossoms into spring, heartbreak can unfold into a time of self-discovery and growth. At Paint For Fun Melbourne, we invite you to our mid-winter painting classes, a therapeutic blend of art and wine, designed to

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team building activities for corporate

Painting Parties A Fun and Engaging Team Building Experience for Your Company

Are you searching for unique team building activities for workthat will inspire creativity and foster stronger connections among your colleagues? Look no further than painting parties! Painting parties offer a fun and engaging experience combining art, socialising, and team building games, creating an atmosphere encouraging collaboration, communication, and innovation. This write-up examines how painting parties can be an excellent choice for

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Dya Australia - Paint for Fun - Recap 2022

Paint for Fun is Dya Australia sister company? Let’s do a Recap!

We know y’all would agree that 2022 has been the busiest year by far. Every individual has gone through crazy ups and downs with businesses and schools reopening post lockdown.  It was quite a challenging year for Dya Australia and Paint for Fun too, but like you all – we made it. Dya Australia was robust in taking creative

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Paint for Fun Summer Events

Hey Melbourne! Check us out for some Best Summer Events Ever!

Melbourne’s long-awaited summer is finally here,so take this opportunity to throw on some sunglasses, gather your friends and family and enjoy the bright sunny days and breezy nights soaking in the fun side of Melbourne creating memories! Have you ever tried sipping a cocktail while painting the blue summer skies? You heard us right! Paint&Sip is one of the

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Top reasons to throw a painting party

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Art and painting were once only for painters. Today, painting events are quite popular during weekends, weddings, social gatherings, etc. Presently, adults are involving themselves more in painting parties. And it is not necessary to know the mechanism of painting. The motto is to enjoy

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7 Things You Should Know About Paint and Sip

A painting party over wine and food is now a very popular episode at corporate events, bachelorette parties, school reunions, holiday gatherings with friends etc. These parties are the talk of the town at present and are in high demand among people. You will be given a blank canvas, colours and brushes and while you are painting, you can

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Get Started with Painting Ep. 7. Watercolour

In this months tutorial we will be walking you through how to get started with painting watercolour This tutorial will be taught to you by our amazing teacher Ally who has been teaching since 14 and will be having her artworks in Dya’s – The Art Of Creative Thinking art gallery. What you’ll need paper brushes (the more sizes

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Get Started with Painting Ep. 6 – Paint Abstract

  In today’s tutorial our amazing teacher Nikki will walk you through step-by-step how to make an abstract painting. Nikki only took up painting a few years ago, it is safe to say she is a natural talent! Whilst learning to paint an abstract artwork might sound intimidating, you are not to worry Nikki will talk you through every

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Get Started with Painting Ep. 5 – Paint a Face

  Today we have Vicki and she will be sharing her expertise on how to paint portraits! Vicki is also a Dya Creative Instructor and a qualified Art Therapist, how amazing is that! While it may seem intimidating to draw or paint someone’s face, Vicki said it’s actually not that hard. All we need is to learn the basics

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