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Neon Glow Parties: Birthday Fun for Melbourne’s Youth

At Paint for Fun by Dya Australia, we’ve recently been hosting kids’ birthday parties that have been lighting up faces (literally!) across Port Melbourne. Our Paint in the Dark themed parties, an exhilarating neon party experience, are becoming the go-to choice for children and teens aged 5 to 16. Let’s take a closer look at how these vibrant, glow in the dark celebrations have been captivating young artists and their families in Melbourne.

Lighting Up Kids’ Birthdays in Port Melbourne

Imagine stepping into a world where your canvas glows, your paint shines, and your creativity literally illuminates the room. Welcome to Paint for Fun’s Paint in the Dark parties, where we take a regular kids’ birthday party and turn it into a glowing art spectacle.
Our neon party experience is more than just a kids’ birthday party. It’s an opportunity for young artists in Melbourne to explore their creativity, have fun with friends, and create a unique keepsake that glows in their bedroom.

And the fun is not only for the kids and teens. Parents get to sit back and relax, knowing that their children are entertained, engaged, and enjoying a unique experience. Many have told us that the joy and excitement in their children’s eyes when they see their artwork glowing in the dark is priceless.

The Paint in the Dark Experience

When the lights go down, the party really starts! Each young artist receives a special canvas that reacts to black light, along with neon paints that pop in the darkened room. From there, they let their imagination run wild, painting glowing masterpieces that they can take home and proudly display.

Our professional and fun-loving artists guide the young party-goers through the process, ensuring everyone has a blast while creating their neon artworks. Even those who might be shy about their art skills quickly find themselves caught up in the exciting, neon-lit atmosphere.

Five-Star Reviews and Recommendations

We’re delighted to share that parents of the birthday boys and girls have showered us with five-star reviews and recommendations. They’ve appreciated the seamless organisation, unique party theme, and, above all, the joy and excitement it brought their children.

One review reads, “We had a paint in the dark party for my daughter’s 13th birthday. Every child had an absolute blast and the feedback from the parents was that it was such a great party idea. All the photos are incredible! Dealing with Paint for Fun was a breeze – Ali was a lovely to deal with when booking things in and Chelsea was a delight when hosting the party ensuring the girls had a great time on the day. I wouldn’t hesitate to book in another party with Paint for Fun.” 

Another adds, “My daughter’s (7th birthday) glow in the dark paint party was the absolute best. The venue, the awesome teacher, and the setup was really perfect! I would totally recommend having a party here.” 

Parents with multiple children consider doing each kid’s birthday with us and they also rave about our kid-friendly instructors. How awesome is that?

Book Your Neon Party in Melbourne Today

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable kids’ birthday idea in Melbourne, our Paint in the Dark neon parties are just the ticket. Perfect for kids and teens, this glow in the dark painting experience is sure to be a hit and will have everyone talking about it for weeks to come.
Visit to learn more and book your child’s glow in the dark, neon party today. Watch as your child’s face lights up with joy and wonder as they enjoy a birthday celebration that’s as unique and special as they are!