5 Fun ‘Unplugged’ Date Ideas To Try This Season

Do you ever feel like a third wheel to your partner and their device? Yes?! Me too…So get ready to unplug and experience a date where it really is just the two of you!

Although we welcome the new year with open arms we tend to step back and realise that each new year brings forth many more distractions as technology advances day by day. Despite bringing many opportunities it also presents the haunting reality that it’s consuming our everyday routines. Therefore, It’s time to cut out all the technology for a while. Yes that means no phones for a whole day! To completely embrace a bit of old school fun in the sun! You’ll get to spend the ultimate uninterrupted time with your special other by disconnecting yourselves from the world of social media and never-ending work emails, to truly reconnect with one another.

In our special city of Melbourne, we’re lucky to have available beautiful locations and plenty of free and paid events to share. So here are 5 Fun ‘Unplugged’ Date Ideas to wow your partner with this season.


The Classic go-to Picnic

The classic outdoors date that never fails is a picnic! So simple yet it often gets pushed to the side. With Melbourne’s beautiful array of parks it’d be silly not to surprise your significant other with a personalised picnic! Below you can see our top locations for a picnic as well as a simple 10 essential must-haves.

Top Locations

  • Royal Botanical Gardens

  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Werribee Park

Now you have your location, here are 10 essentials for your picnic:

  1. Picnic Basket (ideally with cooler)
  2. Picnic Blanket
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Insect Repellent
  5. Bin Bag
  6. Beverages of choice (Water and Wine)
  7. Array of Cheese
  8. Cold meats
  9. Fruit
  10. Bread

(Hot Tip – Make sure all food is pre-cut into serving sizes to eliminate the need for serving utensils.)


Venice On the Yarra

Who said you need to travel halfway across the world to go on a romantic Gondola ride? Venice On The Yarra provides a luxury Gondola cruise that will give you the special opportunity to cruise the beautiful Yarra river in our unique Venetian style gondolas. However, although beautiful, this luxury cruise leans a little on the dearer side with packages starting at $285…BUT if you do want to spend that little extra for a romantically secluded night this could be the date for you!


Salsa Back Into Their Heart

Reignite that spark by dancing right back into each other’s hearts! If you both love music, a laugh and learning new moves than this may be the perfect unplugged date for you! The Salsa Foundation runs free classes every Wednesday and Thursday, with no experience needed why wouldn’t you give it a go?!


You Make My Heart Soar

Get high above the nonsense with a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne’s most beautiful locations…Red Balloon offers many exciting deals and one of them happens to be a Hot Air Balloon ride.


You’re the Paintbrush to My Easel

Get out into nature and paint alongside your loved one! Here at Paint For Fun, we offer Summer outdoor painting classes to really detoxify and reconnect. From Jan-March you  can choose to either ‘Paint In The Park (BYO)’ at Gasworks Arts Park – Albert Park or ‘Paint By The River (Dine-in)’ at The Common Man, 39 Dukes Walk, South Wharf on selected dates.

Some exciting dates are listed below:

Paint In the Park

‘Splashing Dolphins’ – 22 Feb. 1:45-4:00 pm

‘Moon and Tree’ – 29 Feb. 1:45-4:00 pm

‘One with Nature’ – 14 March 1:45-4:00 pm


Paint By The River

‘Paint like Banksy’ – 10 Feb. 6:45-9:00 pm

‘Cherry Blossoms’ – 2 March 6:45-9:00 pm

‘Fisherman at Sunrise’ – 16 March 6:45-9:00 pm

For more check out our Outdoor Painting Page!


– All levels welcome

– Two-hour class

– Take your masterpiece home with you

– $55 per person

– Book your tickets online

Whatever you choose to do, have a happy season of love!


Featured image credits (In order of appearance): Popsugar Melbourne girl Groupon Red Balloon Tripadvisor