Let’s Celebrate The Resilience Of Mums In Isolation

Mums are just one of a kind, aren’t they? While we are aware of all the negative effects that isolation has brought to our lives, at Paint for Fun, we’re all about spreading positive vibes. That’s why we want to take a moment to celebrate each and every mum out there during these challenging times. Whether you’ve been coping well or barely surviving, you’re doing the best you can and that’s a lot right now. 

From new mums all the way through our elderly mums, mamas have shown so much resilience and strength.


New Mums Sharing Their Love


Mums of newborns are feeling all the weight of isolation and social distancing. Going through the experience of having a new baby at home without the support of your social network is a challenge like no other. It takes courage to deal with the emotional rollercoaster with little support whilst stuck at home. It also takes courage to summon all your inner strength to master your emotions and focus on being thankful for those precious moments of undivided attention with their little ones. 

You may be one of these amazing mums yourself, maybe you know someone who has recently become a mum or just feel some empathy for these beautiful women. Either way, check out this story about a Canberra mum who, out of kindness and the need for connection, started sending care packages to mothers of newborns.

“Knowing that other mothers with newborns might be less supported, Hannah had an idea to make care packages as a way to connect with them. The self-confessed “shopaholic” had many baby goods strewn about her home, so she bundled them into hampers to be given away.

Initially, I just put up four free baby hampers [on social media] for people who knew someone in the Canberra region who needed cheering up,” she said. “I ended up making and giving away 17 hampers. I received an abundance of messages.

“It’s not going to change the world … or change everything we’re going through, but I might be able to put a smile on someone’s face.”

Working Mums’ Juggling Act


mothers day melbourne

Let us first take our hats off to all those hero mums out there who are juggling homeschooling, remote work, housework and even running their own business while isolated at home. What has always been a challenge has taken an unexpected twist that has been overwhelming for working mums, to say the least. 

However, one way or another they have managed to adapt and keep going. They show up for their families every single day and do the best they can even though sometimes it may seem unbearable. They’re hanging in there against all odds and, for that, they should be appreciated and acknowledged. If you are one of them or are close to one of these incredible human beings, don’t underestimate the importance of self-care in times of crisis and uncertainty. Set aside some time to reconnect with those things that bring you joy, calm and help you reconnect with others even through a screen. Check out our events calendar for inspiration!

Also, take a look at this story about two mums who are juggling farm work and parenting during lockdown in Tasmania and Central Victoria.

“As the children learn in the comforts of home, she insists they aren’t being ‘homeschooled’.

“I’m not their teacher and I’m not trying to run classes,” she said.

“It’s going well. I’m probably putting my emphasis on things on the family life and trying not to stress.”

“Children have been learning important life skills while at home.”

Stay-At-Home Mums & Extra Family Time


Stay-at-home mums are feeling the burden of being confined at home without the usual outings and play dates that would help alleviate the demanding work of full-time parenting. However, this time has also seen mums getting more creative and discovering new ways to spend quality time with their families. Their hard work, resourcefulness and strength deserves recognition on a daily basis. 

One way or another, families are learning more about each other and mums have been given the job of having the family healthy, entertained and busy. For all those mums out there looking for fun activities to do at home to share quality time with your family, we have crafted some family-friendly online painting classes. Check out our events calendar for some inspiration. 

Also, we recommend you have a look through these heart-warming photos of what quarantine looks like for families.

“From New York to California and from Finland to Hong Kong, here is a peek into life right now for 50 different mamas around the world.”

“We both teared up and smiled while looking through all of the beautiful photos and the sentiment behind the fact that no matter who we are or where we are in the world, right now, we’re all in this together.”


Elderly Mums & Isolation Surprises


How about elderly mums who live by themselves or at an aged care facility? How strong and resilient are these noble women? Their emotional and social support from family and friends have been taken away from them. However, they keep adapting to their circumstances by learning a new way to communicate through a screen. They keep smiling, praying and longing to embrace their loved ones again. 

Their loved ones have shown up for them as well by being creative and finding ways to celebrate special moments at a distance. For instance, take a look at this story about a mum who gets a birthday surprise while self-isolating.

Hopefully, you found these stories heart-warming and inspiring. Don’t forget to check out our events calendar for some inspiration on how to have fun at home and unfurl your creativity.

Stay safe, healthy and creative!