7 Things You Should Know About Paint and Sip

A painting party over wine and food is now a very popular episode at corporate events, bachelorette parties, school reunions, holiday gatherings with friends etc. These parties are the talk of the town at present and are in high demand among people.

You will be given a blank canvas, colours and brushes and while you are painting, you can sip some wine. Looking for a session of paint and sip in Melbourne? You will find many places that offer this opportunity. Before you attend a painting event, here are 7 things that you should know which will help you realise the benefits of attending this awesome event.

Source of pure entertainment

Spending time at a painting festival is pure entertainment. Break free from the monotony of work-life with colours and wine while laughing over the lighter things in life.

No need to be an artist

You do not have to be a Van Gogh to attend such a party. The point is to pour out your mind on a blank canvas through colours. What you create is your masterpiece.

Break from your circle

Desperately need to break free from your social circle? Attend a painting and wine session. Meet new people from different walks of life, talk, take a sip of wine and paint. This helps to come out of the social circle and do something new.

Bring your food

Isn’t it great to munch on your favourite snack while you colour your canvas? A painting party allows you to bring your food. Take a bite, sip some wine and enjoy the time.

Relaxed learning

A painting event gives you the scope to enjoy relaxed learning. These art classes are not like regular classes that are intense. Instead, the focus is on one lesson through simple instructions.


This is the new yoga

Online paint and sip parties are the new yoga now as it does not require any physical exercise after a hard day’s work. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill over a glass of wine.

Best party idea

The idea of a party is to celebrate and make the time memorable. Having a painting episode at your party is a refresher. Your guests have more fun and walk away with the best memories with their painting as the memento.

Online paint and sip classes

You can also relax over a painting lesson online when there is no scope to walk to the studio by joining events hosted by studios online. Sit with your choice of food, wine and paint. You can host a party online with your friends as well.

These parties are also a great way to sit back and enjoy time from the comfort of your home. After all, the entire thing is all about you, your life, your mind, your relaxation.

What are you waiting for? Book your class for paint and sip in Melbourne with us or let us create an original party idea for you now!